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  • IT Consulting Services
  • Web / Application Development
  • Support and Maintenance

Globtier IT Consulting is global in scope leading to technology transformations in
organizations. Our team of IT consultants considers virtually all interconnected aspects in preparing for an infrastructure that will support the client’s drive for success while keeping in mind customization, optimization, technology refreshment and upgrades in future.

Whether it relates to hardware and legacy modernization, incremental upgrades or total revamp or whether it connects to application re-engineering, our IT consulting service is marked by innovation and designing models to suit objectives and costs.

It goes beyond hardware and software to helping clients develop a better idea of how IT can be the vital tool that will help power them to success while reducing manpower costs, labor, energy consumption and time saving as well as enhancement of customer interaction. IT being the fulcrum around which business revolves these days, it deserves special consideration and careful forethought in the right implementation. Globtier IT consulting achieves outstanding success for clients.


Globtier application development founded on PHP, Salesforce, VB and Asp.NET is marked by finesse born of experience founded on expertise through highest levels of
qualifications of each team member.

Focused as we are on technological perfection and agile development as well as lean code we also emphasize relevant factors such as cost effectiveness, ease of use, future upgrades, cross platform compatibility, thorough test before deployment and, of course, the vital support before, during and after implementation.

Globtier is the preferred source for C, Java or Microsoft Technologies simply because we have diverse teams made up of specialists in each discipline, capable of taking on small to large scale engagements and delivering in time. Ultimately, performance defines quality of development as attested by leading clients and in this, we are simply far ahead in coming up with innovative wizardry in technological implementations.


Globtier has been going from strength to strength these past 14 years and we are here to stay. This means clients can repose full confidence in the fact that support will always be available down the line when there is need for revamp or upgrades to align with future technology advancements. Our policy is customer-centric and support/maintenance is one of the foundational pillars of our business.

Support is all encompassing and comprehensive. It starts at the conceptual stages where collaborative work results in well delineated roadmap succeeded by agile implementation.

Our clients are kept “in the loop” all the while and in the following stages of deployment that goes hand in hand with training to users as may be necessary. It does not end there. Clients enjoy the benefit of ongoing support during product lifecycle with easy access through email, phone, online chat and fax, whichever is convenient.

Why Globtier?

that itself speaks volumes – with staff strength of 400, over 200 plus global clients, 2 million trained users and best in class service offering.
Small or large, one client or dozens of ongoing projects, we handle it with supreme finesse.

Agile, flexible and adaptable, we incorporate a variety of development models that suit client objective and achievement of goals

Cost is not the only factor; competence of the highest order marks our offshore development model that delivers a suite of benefits for clients.

A lot of forethought and planning goes into development by opting for objects and components that can be reused that
translate to fast, bug-free development.

We build on the past technologies and methodologies further refined by analyzing future trends and requirements with the result that we deliver unparalleled results.

Our Clients Feedback

“Working with Globtier Infotech has truly been a great experience for my business. We were able to implement a state of the art web-based application that separates my company from all competitors. Globtier Infotech has the technology and experience to take the vision of my company and make it a reality. Globtier Infotech is extremely professional and easy to work with, they were able to accommodate my schedule and get the project done on time. I intend to work with Globtier Infotech for all of my technological needs.”
Ernest Svolto Jr.
“As a startup company looking for rapid deployment of a unique solution to our customers, we needed an organization that had the technical skills, rapid deployment abilities and the flexibility to work with constrained budgets. Our solution was delivered on time and on budget. We are happy to have Globtier Infotech continue supporting our development efforts and recommend them highly”
Aram Akopyan
“When we chose Globtier Infotech for our recent development project, we had an impossible schedule and limited budget but we hoped their experience working within our industry would help to carry the day. Wow, were we
ever amazed by the results!! Globtier Infotech not only met the deadline and the price, their team helped us to design and deliver a better application too.”
Robert Gadd

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