In a disaster situation, first thing that pops up in your head is what is going to happen to my data that I saved for years.

Then you march towards creating a backup in case of urgency you could always restore and get back to the situation where you were before the catastrophe striked.

But did you know that 50% of the data recovery fails to complete. In such situation, our IT recommends to not just install a comprehensive external backup link, but an off-site backup solution as well.

But if still you fail to recover your data, we are here to help you retrieve all your data by performing multiple tiers of data recovery.

Nowadays, creating a backup copy of your data is just not good enough, you have to protect it as well. You need to create a backup plan, and then select the best available storage medium, and protect it by securing it that includes network security, physical security and system security at the same time lowering down the overall costs.

Data protection is very imperative to protect your business continuity. Imagine your only source of data backup is your computer and the hard drive fails to restore it in a situation when needed, your years of data will be gone in seconds. Get a demo now to see how we perform data backup and security for your business data.

Things we offer –

  • Custom backup solution required for your business.
  • Minimize overall downtime.
  • Recovery from secondary drive.
  • Online recovery services.
  • Continuous system monitoring to ensure smooth running.

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